Friday, 25 November 2011

Old Spitalfields Antique & Vintage Flea Market

If you've never been able to get to the amazing Antique market held at Spitalfields every Thursday because you're busy working, well it's good news as you can now visit on a Saturday!  Taking over the market every last Saturday of the month will be an array of antique dealers, vintage clothing sellers and retro sellers like me; I'll be bringing mid century furniture and some great 60s & 70s homeware.  So something for everyone....  It's free entry too!  

Thursday, 10 November 2011

More Xmas finds....

I'm not looking, honest!  These things just keep popping up.  I love this 60s Xmas themed drinks tray that I found today.

Perfect for the glasses that I found the other day! 

And this little glass birdie....  

Dare I say it - I am almost getting in the Christmas mood now.... too early??

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Charity shop Xmas finds!

I have to say Christmas was very far from my mind,  I don't really have to do much in the way of prep anyway... well apart from buy many, many pressies for my large family.  But as for the rest of it well, I still get to go to my Mums! 

But yesterday when I found myself wandering round the charity shops; it was a pretty miserable wet afternoon yesterday and my super comfy, well loved brogue shoes have started to let in water - very miserable indeed but I pressed on! I found one of my favourite charity shops had put out all their xmas stock.  I had to grab a basket as they had so much good stuff.  I got everything here for less than £10!  That includes 4 gold coloured plates, loads of vintage tree decorations, some glasses (they looked Christmassy to me!), some lovely gloves and a headband.  Bargain huh?  And that's just another reason I bypass the High Street shops and head straight for charity shops!


I thought these glasses would look great with tea lights in!  I'm keeping an eye out for more.  These were 30p each!


Friday, 21 October 2011

What we've been up to!

Ok, it's been head down get on with it lately.  And that's great because the website is finally a shop and up to date! yay!  We now have categories on the site so whatever you're into you can go straight to that page.  We have retro where you will find some great 50s, 60s and 70s furniture and homeware.  We'll be adding some bigger pieces to the site next week.  We then have shabby chic where you'll find 30s mirrors, Lloyd Loom and chests of drawers.  Again more being added soon!  We also have Kitsch & collectible where there is all sorts of quirky homeware and vintage where you'll find all our handbags and accessories.  

Aside from the website we are looking forward to a busy few weeks with lots of events coming up.  If you're after homeware then these 2 events will be of interest to you!

The Affordable Vintage Fair
Saturday 5th November
Spitalfields Market
10 - 5pm

The Vintage Furniture Flea
Saturday 12th November
The Cambridge Guildhall
Guildhall Street
10.30 - 4.30pm

 And if you are around this weekend... we've got 2 great vintage clothing fairs! The Affordable Vintage Fair returns to Cambridge and East London.  Have a look at the website for a full list of upcoming events.

Lots more coming next week!

Friday, 30 September 2011

Tables and more....

Ooops, have not blogged in a while... but I have been busy picking up some great bits of furniture and homeware.  I'll also be back at the amazing North London Vintage Market tomorrow with some great new bits!  Have a peek at the photos below and if you can make it tomorrow; one word: do!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bethnal Green Bonanza!

So the last few weeks have all been building up to this one big weekend in the East End.  If you near by or even if you aren't! I think it'll be worth the trip into London for one big weekend of vintage.  I have so much stock I'm drowning in it.  My storage unit overflowed weeks ago.. first into my flat then my parents spare room (sorry parents).  But it should all be worth it this weekend.  Saturday is the return of Judy's Affordable Vintage fair - the big fashion one!  If you've been before you will know it's the mother of all vintage fairs and it's affordable too (clue's in the name). 

Sunday sees the return of The Vintage Furniture Flea (my new favourite event).  I love it but my house does look rather crowded in the build up to it!  I have bruised my leg at least 5 times in the last couple of weeks on the 50s kitchen unit hiding behind my front door in my very small hallway.  I have chairs, tables, rugs, lamps... and all round general quirky stuff I've managed to pick up.  Beats a Sunday spent in Ikea anyway.  Details below and some snaps.  See you there.  Be sure to say hello!

These lovely ladies are coming with me.....

I picked this up the other day.  Vintage 1970's telly....... wonder what's on..

Saturday 10th September
Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair
5 - 15 Old Ford Road
Bethnal Green
E2 9PJ
11 - 4pm

The Vintage Furniture Flea
Sunday 11th September
5 - 15 Old Ford Road
Bethnal Green
E2 9PJ
11 - 4.30pm

Come early! It gets busy!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Last Saturday's market & social media crazy....

So, I had a great time at the North London Vintage Market on Saturday.  In a small hall in lovely leafy Crouch End there were some of the loveliest homewares, I was very suprised I didn't go home with more than I arrived with!  I've posted a few pics below of my stall from Saturday.

Aside from that we have some breaking news! A social media update!  Just to make it as easy as pie to follow us there are now several way to do so.  The Carrie's Vintage finds blog is here to stay, there's also the new and improved website.   I'm still tweeting all the important info, follow us on twitter here.  And in addition to that we now have a facebook page where you can like us, post stuff and have a peek at some photos.  And we also have a new Flickr page where you can see all our photos. 

So whichever is your social media of choice I think we've got it covered!!  Let me know if I've missed your choice out!