Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Vintage record player

I've been thinking about getting a record player for a while now and spotted this lovely one at the weekend.  It's an early 60s Dansette Bermuda and it's just what every teenager had, or wanted around that time.  Whilst Mum & Dad would be downstairs watching telly, teenagers would be listening to the latest record in their bedroom. 

I bought the record player and was given the choice of any record thrown in for free; I chose 'The Beach Boys'!  I'll soon be routing through the records at all the car boot sales to grow my collection!  I love the old crackly sound of records playing, it's so much more authentic.

1 comment:

  1. o my gosh this is a beauty!!! im 17 and i think i just fell in love!!! this is just beautiful! how much did you pay for it? and great choice over the record ypu chose! i would of choosen the same one lol congrats