Tuesday, 25 January 2011

This weekend

So the fair season kicks off again this weekend and I'm back at 2 brand new fairs. I'm looking forward to the new year - and am most looking forward to the s/s looks. I'm especially loving the 70s maxi dresses and high waisted, wide leg trousers - I'm just itching to bring out all the s/s pieces immediately! But alas I realise whilst the fashion mags all look to the months ahead we all realise we're still in January, the snow might have gone but I think great jumpers and coats are still a necessary. So for a bit of both winter and a look ahead to summer vintage fashion it's worth getting to one of the fairs this weekend. Banish the January blues - we're almost there!!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Looking ahead to 2011

I have to admit I'm struggling a little bit to adjust back to a normal working week, I feel like a bear just coming out of hibernation. 

The only thing that's cheering me is the fact that Spring is on the way and with it brings images of lovely Spring/Summer fashion, it staying light beyond 4pm and sitting in my garden with a glass of wine!

Well, as we're looking forward I am busy planning where I'll be.  So far the rest of January and February look pretty full up, so to give you a heads up these are the places you'll find me.

8th & 9th January - The Vintage Market, 85 Brick Lane, London, E1
15th & 16th January -  The Vintage Market, 85 Brick Lane, London, E1

22nd & 23rd January - The Vintage Market, 85 Brick Lane, London, E1

Saturday 29th January
The Vintage Fair
Portland Square,
12 - 5pm

Sunday 30th January
Hertfordshire Vintage Fairs
Watford Leisure Centre Central,
Peace Prospect,
Hempstead Road,
WD17 3HA
10 - 4pm

Saturday 5th February
The Vintage Fair
Bloomsbury Lanes,
Bedford Way,
12 - 5pm

And lots more to come!