Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bank Holiday event at Spitalfields

Some of those vintage finds below and lots more will be coming with me this Bank Holiday for this new event at Spitalfields market this coming Monday.... Exciting!

Recent finds

So here's some of my recent finds....

An Arkana mushroom chair & 1970s foot stool

 a retro fishy tea towel
a lonely flying duck

...and a little dog

and if one flying duck isn't enough....

The world!

a dog, lamp, retro foot stools, a wicker lampshade and a great coffee table.

and my personal fave - a fully working theatre exit sign!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Cambridge & Bethnal Green this weekend

Wow, where did this week go!  Well it's been busy preparing for another double fair weekend.  This weekend we're back in Cambridge and Bethnal Green at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair.  Both are super popular so get in early! 

...And as promised last week - there is definately more to add to the website next week - I promise!

Saturday 21st May
The Cambridge Guildhall,
Market Square,
10.30 - 4.30pm

Sunday 22nd May
York Hall,
5-15 Old Ford Road,
Bethnal Green,
E2 9PJ
11 - 4.30pm

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Double fair weekend

Argh! I can't keep up, I have found so much great stuff this week - I am drowning in stock!  My flat looks like I am turning into one of those hoarders that can't move for stuff... Well I hope to get it all sorted and photographed for next week.  I'll be blogging the items (I have some amazing furniture and bit & bobs) and I'll hopefully be able to get them added to the website too. 

Meanwhile, I'll be busy tonight watching The Apprentice on iplayer and pricing up lots of fab new summer/floral/print dresses and playsuits all ready for this weekend - I'll be back in Bristol on Saturday and Hitchin on Sunday.  Details below!

 The Vintage Fair
 Portland Square,
 BS2 8SJ
 12 - 5pm

   Herts.Vintage Fairs
   The Sports Hall,
   North Herts College,
   Hitchin Centre,
   Cambridge Road,
   SG4 0JD
   10 - 4pm

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Website & this weekend

Well after a day off for the royal wedding and a trio of fairs; I've been busy this (very short!) week buying new stock.  I have a whole heap of summer tops, blouses and maxi dresses galore! 

I also found an ammaazing 1960's Arkana chair today (I'm just disappointed there was only one) but it's sitting happily in the corner of my living room at the mo (pics to follow very soon) and will shortly be up on the website.  Speaking of which - that's the other thing that's kept me busy this week.  The website is getting there!  I will have a whole section for some very affordable mid century furniture and homeware.  The storage unit is filling up again and I want to get some of these lovely items online as soon as possible.

So if you fancy a look....  I've also updated the list of fairs and events coming up.

Oh, and this weekend I'll be at a fair in Kingston, Surrey.  Details below.  See you there!

Saturday 7th May
Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair
The Space Bar,
Kingston University SU,
Penryn Road,
11.30 - 5pm