Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Back to work....

...Well almost.  I'm posting a quick update in between coats of paint in a much needed update of my living room!  So whilst I wait (quite literally) for paint to dry, I'll post a couple of pics of where I've been these last couple of weeks. 

But don't worry; now I've been away and once my living room is back in one piece I shall be back to work properly... details of the next fairs coming up very soon!

The fabulous Blackpool of course!  Followed by a peaceful couple days in the lovely Lake District....

And Scotland... (For some reason I didn't take any pictures in Edinburgh (perhaps as mostly had a glass of wine in hand... oh, and it rained. Alot.)

The very beautiful York....

Oh, and saw this random head outside a goth shop!

Then last weekend we went to beautiful Bruge.

And how about these vintage finds!  We found a great antique shop selling this hunk!

And a vintage Michelangelo! (not in the shop of course)

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