Friday, 19 August 2011

Picture this!

I thought I'd share some of my latest picture & print finds.  Great retro prints are hard to find but when I do, some of them put an enormous smile of my face.  See some of the pics below.  The poodles have got to be my favourite!  These will all be coming with me to the upcoming vintage furniture fairs in the next few weeks.  Have a look here for the dates for your diary.

This one is an actual furry 3d poodle on a blanket on canvas!

Now, I look like I have a real liking for poodles! But I could not resist this one this morning.  It follows you around the room! Note the 2nd and 3rd picture, he does move (honest!)

It's fairly rare to find these now but I had a lucky morning and found this print by Tretchikoff.  It still has the original frame too!

A sweet little Deer.... flowers and a horse scene..

 And a more traditional blue print... lovely.

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